About Us:

At Picture Painting & Decorating, we have experienced project managers, estimators, and field superintendents in the field. In addition, we also employ accounting and administrative staff to assist our field personnel. We work hard to exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering an exceptional end result. Even with those ultra demanding jobs and often with tight time frames, we can help you stay on budget and finish on-time. Our work will provide an unmatched level of service in this industry! We have a commitment to maintaining the strong long-term relationships we have and work to build new ones with our customers and our providers. This has helped us to stay successful for so long.
The technological implementations we have made allow our front office operations to improve processes and streamline our operations so our bottom line is stronger which allows us to keep our overhead lower.  By taking our employees and contractors to task and encouraging them to set goals and work to achieve them, we are creating an environment for success. Picture Painting & Decorating believe we are only as good as the people we have working for us and we know we have got the best!
Innovation in our processes and procedures has allowed us to remain a leader in the industry. We will take risks when necessary and have experience to assist with avoiding pitfalls because we will not put our crews in harms way.